MyTrip Forecasts

Introducing MyTrip Forecasts, the all-new iPhone app designed to give you personalized trip weather forecasts, now available on the App Store!

Have you ever wondered what kind of weather you will encounter when you go on road trips? Will it be snowing in the mountains? Raining on the highway? Or will it be clear all the way through? In any case, weather can be a significant contributing factor to your enjoyment–or your stress–on the road.

With MyTrip Forecasts, simply enter the details for all your upcoming trips: when it starts, how many days you will travel, and where you intend to go each day. Then, let the app do the rest! Using an easy-to-read pie chart view, you can easily see a breakdown of the likely conditions you will face on your drive. You can also view a map of the trip, with the weather overlaid at various locations of your trip. And if bad weather shows up in your original trip date, you can quickly scroll through surrounding days until you find one that works.

The app is a work in progress, a hobby project built in my spare time. I have many features I hope to add in the future, and I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism (which can be shared in App Store reviews).

Check out some screenshots below: